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Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If you don’t see your question listed, please feel free to type it into the inquiry box at the bottom of the page. An Excel staff member will get back to you within 48 hours.

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are independent, public, non-selective schools that are free and open to all students.

What makes a charter school different than a traditional public school?

Charter schools are granted more autonomy in the areas of budgeting, curriculum development, scheduling, and hiring – to name a few. In return for more autonomy, charter schools are held to higher academic, organizational, and financial performance expectations than traditional public schools.

How are charter schools funded?

Charter schools receive state and federal funding, as well as local levy monies, similar to traditional public schools.

Who is eligible to attend?

Charter schools are free and open to all students in Washington State. For the 2016-17 school year, Excel is accepting applications for sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Each additional year, Excel will expand one grade level. Your student’s academic or disciplinary record, or special education status, has no bearing on his or her acceptance.

How do I enroll my child?

To enroll your son or daughter, please complete an online enrollment application here. You may also fill out a paper application here and return it to the school.

Is there an enrollment lottery?

Yes. Pursuant to Washington State law, if more students apply to a given grade than space is available, all students will be entered into a blind enrollment lottery to ensure fairness to all students and families. Any student not selected in the enrollment lottery will be placed on a waitlist.

Are there uniforms?

Yes. Students will be provided with one Excel polo shirt, one Excel crewneck sweatshirt, and an Excel gym t-shirt. Families will be expected to provide khaki pants or skirts, a black or brown belt, and black or brown shoes. Additional Excel clothing may be purchased from the Excel team.

What if I live outside of Kent?

By law, all Washington State residents are eligible to attend a charter school.

Does Excel provide transportation?

Yes. Excel provides transportation within the Kent city limits, at specified pick-up and drop-off areas (to be determined during summer 2015).

What grades will Excel serve?

Excel will serve grades six and seven during the 2015-16 school year. Each subsequent year, Excel will expand by one grade level until 12th grade is reached in 2021.

Do siblings have priority in the enrollment lottery?

Yes. By law, siblings of already enrolled students are given preference at Excel.

When is the first day of school for the 2016-17 school year?

August 22, 2016.

Does Excel offer extracurricular activities?

Yes. Extracurricular activities will be provided based on the interest of our students. Excel will work with local community-based organizations to develop programming that meet our students’ demands.

Does Excel provide breakfast, lunch or snack?

Yes, all three! Healthy meal options will be provided to students at a comparable cost to traditional public schools. Cost of lunch will be determined based on free or reduced lunch eligibility.

Are students at Excel required to take standardized tests?

Yes. By law, students are required to take state- and federally-mandated assessments.

Is Excel affiliated with the Kent School District?

No. Excel operates independently from the Kent School District. Excel is governed by a board of directors that is accountable to the Washington State Charter Schools Commission, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Washington State Board of Education.

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