At Excel, we love the work we do.  We believe that educators hold a powerful place in society, and we are always looking for special people who refuse to believe in the limitations of adults and children. All members of the Excel team share a fundamental belief that they have the ability to unlock potential in each and every student. That’s why we operate with a growth-mindset, and constantly push ourselves to face new personal and professional challenges every day. Our mission guides everything we do, and we treat teaching as a profession that pushes us to continuously hone and perfect our skills in order to be better for the students who rely on us.


We teach because we know that great teachers transform lives.  We teach because we know that all students can excel.  We are passionate about inspiring a love of learning in our students, empowering them to become agents of change in their communities, and equipping them with the academic skills and character habits that will prepare them for the rigors of college and career.  We are committed to the notion that demography need not equal destiny, which is why we hold ourselves and our students to the highest of standards.  


We regard teaching as an honor and an enormous responsibility.  We expect extraordinary things from our teachers but also provide extraordinary coaching and support to help teachers succeed. We strive to create a culture that reveres great teaching, develops it, and supports it by providing teachers with the resources they need and empowering them to succeed.  

As a member of the Excel team, expect to:

  • Join a highly collaborative team of passionate educators, where we all work together to do what is best for every student in the school, not just for the students in our own classrooms.  Common prep times, regular team meetings, best-practices sharing, peer observations, celebration of successes, and staff social events all contribute to a supportive, warm, and fun professional environment.
  • Engage in comprehensive, ongoing professional development. Excel’s entire year, from the four-week summer Exceleration to weekly professional development, is designed to support teacher growth and effectiveness. Regularly scheduled observations, individual coaching, and peer observations all come together to build a culture where teachers feel positive about their strengths and reflective and urgent about their areas of growth.
  • Take ownership over the success of your students by designing innovative and engaging learning opportunities.  In conjunction with increased flexibility and control over their curriculum, teachers at Excel regularly measure student mastery of learning standards and analyze data to guide their practice and strategically tackle instructional challenges.
  • Engage in more learning time with your students, with an extended school day and year and the opportunities afforded by a small school to form meaningful bonds with students and families.

Attend many college graduations beginning in 2025 and 2026! 


We are currently seeking to fill teaching positions for the 17-18 School Year in the following departments: